The Citizen Equity Committee (CEC) is a City of Winnipeg Committee that is mandated to advise and make recommendations on issues of equity and diversity as they impact City policies, procedures, and services.


  1. Serve as an advisory and advocacy agency for the Mayor and the Executive Policy Committee (EPC) on equity and diversity issues and emerging trends, as they affect the communities in Winnipeg;
  2. Serve as the channel of communicating information on equity and diversity policy concerns between the City and the cultural communities in Winnipeg;
  3. Support communities, organizations and institutions in celebrating cultural and social events and bring greetings on behalf of the City;
  4. Undertake community outreach initiatives through regular meetings, public forums and workshops to explain City policy on equity and diversity and convey specific community concerns to the EPC through an advisory report;
  5. Produce an annual report that captures all community cultural and relevant non-cultural activities that the committee supported, initiated or participated in for the information and attention of the EPC;
  6. Collaborate with other City ad-hoc committees to enhance adequate integration and participation of vulnerable social groups, such as the aged, people with disabilities and the youth in all community activities and services in Winnipeg;
  7. Monitor the implementation of existing and new City equity and diversity policies on services, appointments and hiring procedures, including appointments to City Boards and Commissions and make recommendations whenever necessary, with the view to achieving a balanced and diverse workforce, reflective of the Aboriginal and ethno-cultural communities in Winnipeg;

The Mayor's Task Force on Diversity - Final Report, a document with a series of recommendations, was presented to Council in March of 2001. You can view the report online in PDF format by clicking here.